When: May 13th, 2017 from  1PM-3PM

Where: at Ageless Karate Las Vegas at 8190 South Maryland Parkway Suite 110A, Las Vegas NV

How Much? FREE

Where do I register?Call 702-374-3323

Activities for Moms: Moms will be able to spend time with their child and learn how to bond closer with every waking moment with them. We will be offering chocolate covering fountains with fruit and other snacks. Such as Strawberries, blue berries bananas, and other exotic fruit. The moms will be able to learn meditation, The mothers will be given out tea as well as herbal oils and will be able to bond with their child. We will be serving a free lunch with them as well as some stretching exercises to help with some aches and pains. The moms will be able to take a photo with their child and we will print it out and you can design, through arts and crafts.


Activities for Kids: We will keep the kids busy with arts and crafts.  Face painting and getting them to design a card for you. While this is going youll be able to try some new things like mediation, a little bit of kid activity and teaching them life skills that can better help them improve a day with you.


Dual Activity: The whole purpose of the day is to teach them about gratitude. We will have a surprise for you and a memorable moment as they show an appreciation for being their mother. This is what revolves around the event and showing them they only have one mom in the world and that is you. To book this event FREE please call 702-374-3323 at Ageless Karate Las Vegas. Their are only 60 spots available.